Sunday, June 27, 2010

MYO T-Shirt Dress with Gathered Tiered Skirt

Why not make this quick and simple T-Shirt dress for your little girl (or even make one for yourself!).

Step 1 - Buy a T-shirt (short sleeve, long sleeve, the options are endless)
Step 2 - Find some fabric to compliment the T-Shirt. (The dress pictured is a size 4 and it used 45cm of 112cm wide fabric.)
Step 3 - Cut the Fabric into three 15cm strips along the full width of the fabric.
Step 4 - Cut off the hem of the t-shirt.
Step 5 - Join the first strip at the edges to make a full circle and gather the top to fit the bottom of the t-shirt and sew into place.
Step 6 - Join the second and third strips of fabric together length ways, and then join at ends to make a full circle. Gather the top of the circle to fit the bottom of the first tier and sew into place.
Step 7 - Hem along the bottom and your T-shirt dress is finished!
(The Fabric Sizes indicated would be suitable for a girls size 3 to size 7)

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