Sunday, June 27, 2010

MYO T-Shirt Dress with Box Pleated Skirt

This is another version of the super easy and super quick T-Shirt dress to make for your little girl.
Step 1 - Buy a T-shirt (great for either summer or winter just choose a t-shirt to suit).
Step 2 - Source some fabric to compliment your T-Shirt - this Size 4 only used 40cm of fabric.
Step 3 - Cut off the hem of your t-shirt.
Step 4 - Measure the bottom of the t-shirt and multiply by three to calculate the length of the skirt strip required. For example, this t-shirt measured 70cm along the bottom, therefore I required an 2.1m long strip of fabric (which means two lengths of 20cm fabric were used from a standard 112cm wide roll).
Step 5 - Sew the two lengths of fabric together along one edge and start your box pleats. My pleats were 7cm wide so I had 10 of them (70cm shirt dimension divided by 7cm pleat). To start simply fold at 3.5cm, then fold in the opposite direction for 7cm, then fold in the opposite direction again under the 7cm piece of fabric for 3.5cm so that the inner folds meet at the back. Iron and sew as you go to make it easier.
Step 6 - Make sure the finished pleated skirt panel matches the dimension of the bottom of the t-shirt. Sew the panel together at the edges and then attach the skirt to the t-shirt.
Step 7 - Hem & you are finished!

MYO T-Shirt Dress with Gathered Tiered Skirt

Why not make this quick and simple T-Shirt dress for your little girl (or even make one for yourself!).

Step 1 - Buy a T-shirt (short sleeve, long sleeve, the options are endless)
Step 2 - Find some fabric to compliment the T-Shirt. (The dress pictured is a size 4 and it used 45cm of 112cm wide fabric.)
Step 3 - Cut the Fabric into three 15cm strips along the full width of the fabric.
Step 4 - Cut off the hem of the t-shirt.
Step 5 - Join the first strip at the edges to make a full circle and gather the top to fit the bottom of the t-shirt and sew into place.
Step 6 - Join the second and third strips of fabric together length ways, and then join at ends to make a full circle. Gather the top of the circle to fit the bottom of the first tier and sew into place.
Step 7 - Hem along the bottom and your T-shirt dress is finished!
(The Fabric Sizes indicated would be suitable for a girls size 3 to size 7)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free PDF Pattern - Poppy Bag

The Poppy Bag Pattern is quick and simple to make and your little girl will just love it! To get your free copy simply click on this link or simply visit our website and you will find it under "Free Patterns". Be creative and add more ruffles or change the motif.. we would love to see your finished bag!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We have a winner!

A big congratulations to Sew Nancy! Our new pattern name will be the Matilda Dress.

Sew Nancy, if you could please pop us an email with your mailing address to we will have the new pattern out to you this week!